Amulet PPE Box

  • What is the Amulet PPE Box?

    The Amulet PPE box is a comprehensive PPE kit including personalized 2 oz hand sanitizer, cloth masks, disposable masks and disinfecting wipes. This kit is designed to help you and your family either go to work, go to shopping, or kids go to school needs.

  • What are the brands of each product and are they safe?

    All products are tested and meets USA FDA standard.

  • That is the purchase term?

    We offer you flexible way to purchase. You may just simple purchase once and come back as you needed or do monthly subscription.

  • When will my monthly Amulet arrive if I subscribed?

    Your Amulet PPE box is shipped every first week of each month with 2-5 days of delivery process.

  • When will I be charged for my monthly subscription?

    When you apply for a monthly subscription, you are charged on the day of the purchase and then on every first day of each month. Some banks processing time may take up to 5 business days. When you apply for a monthly subscription, you are charged on the day of the purchase and then between the 1st of each month.

  • When will my subscription renew?

    • This is a “no contract” subscription and if it is not cancelled or paused you will receive an Amulet box monthly forever!
    • When you subscribe for a monthly Amulet, you automatically have 1 year of monthly deliveries. After the year is complete, you must renew your subscription on the website by purchasing another monthly subscription.

  • Can I cancel or pause my subscription? And how?

    Because this is a “no contract” subscription, you may cancel or pause it whenever! If you do so after a payment charge, we will ship you last box of the month and stop shipment for the following month. You may email any time to cancel. Once the Amulet kit shipped, your cancelation will start the coming month.

  • What payment methods do you provide?

    Our available payment methods are: either paypal or major credit cards.

  • How do I update my payment method?

    To update your payment method log into your account at the top right corner of the website.

  • What if the products come damaged or missing?

    If the products are damage or missing, please send photos to within 3 days of receiving this product and we will send replacement to you.

  • What if I do not like the products? Do you have a return policy?

    Unfortunately, we do not offer a return for the Amulet. You can however start with a “single time” order of $29 to test and see if you like to subscribe for the monthly Amulet!

  • What shipping method do you use? How fast can I receive my box?

    We ship via UPS ground which varies between 2-5 days delivery time, because hand sanitizer can only be shipped on the ground, not air.